Our Services - Alexander Contracts : Contract Kitchens in West Sussex
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Our Services

Alexander Contracts offer the full end to end solution for your development. We can manage all stages from design to fitting, even taking extending our high standards to the customer care once the project is completed. We pride ourselves on our expertise gained over many years in the industry, coupled with the fact we use the ultimate German kitchen manufacturer, Nobilia.
Complete Process

The whole process, from site surveying to customer aftercare is taken care of, ensuring quality and high standards throughout.

Personal Service

Tailored service is standard at Alexander, which means there is a personal touch to every build.

Appliances & Accessories

There is a range of top brands to choose from when it comes to accessories and appliances, including Neff and Seimens.

German Design

Nobilia provide contemporary rigid kitchens in a variety of styles, all produced to exceptionally high standards.

Knowledge & Advice

Working with Alexander means that your project will have years of industry experience behind it.

Project Management

You can rely on Alexander to manage your project to deliver on time and make the process as smooth as possible.

Fast Delivery

Typically 30 days from call off

No Hassle

We project manage for you

5YR Guarantee

on our Nobilia kitchens


Using years of experience, our team can come up with contemporary and functional designs that fit both your requirements, and the space available. This lays the foundations for unique installations that our fitters can then begin to make a reality.

Project Management.

Alexander can oversee the process and methods used during the build, as well as providing invaluable knowledge and expertise to guide the project to completion, and ensure all goals are met.

Site Surveying.

A review of your site can be undertaken by us, so we can build a picture of what will work best, and how we can utilise space to suit your specifications. Familiarising ourselves with the development site means that we’ll know everything we need to in order to make the installation as seamless as possible. .


Our fitters can breathe life into the designs you’re happy with, and can ensure they’re installed to the highest standards. They know the products inside out, and this makes for peace of mind whilst the build is happening, and a high quality finish upon completion.

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Key Supplier – Nobilia Kitchens

Nobilia are German kitchen designers who work to consistently high standards, and guarantee style and quality with every installation. They take pride in the fact that their kitchens have been produced in Germany for more than 65 years. More than 2,400 kitchens leave the plant every day. This is equivalent to 535,000 kitchens annually – or to put it another way: approx. 5.4 million units. The size of their operations mean they are able to cope well with large orders, which makes turn around times much quicker, and means each development stays on time.

Nobilia’s products are tested beyond usual industry standards, using laboratories to test the effects of heat and moisture. This means that no stone is left unturned when it comes to ensuring that their kitchens are built to last. Each of Nobilia’s kitchens are unique, individually planned, and produced on highly automated machines. The high degree of automation guarantees a consistently high quality level at attractive prices. Their designs range from high gloss to traditional, meaning there’s styles to suit everyone.