We’re a quarter of the year through 2018 already! It seems like a good time to look over some of the popular kitchen trends from the year so far. And if you are looking forward to cooking Christmas dinner in a brand new kitchen this year, now is the perfect time to plan your makeover, so read on and see what inspires you.

When it comes to surfaces, quartz is proving to be very popular. Quartz worktops are fabricated from natural quartz, one of the hardest minerals found in the Earth, and small amounts of glass or metallic flecks are added to create variety, resulting in beautiful worktops boasting incredible durability and low maintenance needs.’

Granite is also a popular solution for worktops. Like quartz, granite is also extremely resilient, being such a strong material, it is difficult to scratch. requiring only warm water and soap to help keep its shine.

Colours can vary greatly but shades of white and grey are proving popular this year. The popularity of white kitchens this year shows a trend doesn’t have to be short term and can’t also be classic. At the opposite end of the spectrum, pairing these lighter colours with darker colours, such as grey or dark blues and purples, on cabinets or appliances is a great way to highlight a particular feature, and is producing some stunning looking kitchens this year. 

When it comes to major features, islands pantries and breakfast bars have become more popular then ever, with owners choosing to use islands as display pieces, showing off a few select items, as opposed to cramming in every appliance possible. A top priority for modern kitchen renovation is reducing clutter and incorporating clever storage solutions for a ‘less is more’ approach. Such solutions include built in cabinet storage, cutlery organisers, deep drawer organisers and pull out waste or recycling cabinets. The result is a sleek and modern looking kitchen with fun sliding panels revealing anything from your cooking utensils to appliances.

L-shaped kitchen layouts are on the rise, though the U-shaped kitchen is still a popular choice.

L-shaped kitchens can be practical, concise , multi purposed, and always looks great. Designing a layout for your kitchen are likely to be dictated by the shape and size of the room, but L-shaped layouts excel in this area, working in any sized room and any style, be it contemporary or traditional. Where space isn’t an issue, an L-shape can be paired with a central island to provide a breakfast area or informal dining space.

If you your kitchen plans are starting to look clearer after reading about what 2018 has meant for kitchens, or if you would greatly benefit from a talk, our friendly designers at our showroom would be happy to talk through any ideas or questions you might have. We also use state of the art kitchen modelling software, so you can see your kitchen take shape before your very eyes.

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